About Karen Crowhurst

Karen Crowhurst

I grew up in Hillingdon in West London and came to Hastings in 2013, fulfilling my lifelong ambition to live by the seaside.

Like most people, I have had many ups and downs in my life and they have taught me a great deal about wellbeing, mindfulness and learning to “let stuff go”.

I started my business in June 2018 when I realised I was an emotional hoarder. Since then, I have continued learning and explanding my self development. I have been able to let go of some of my own emotional clutter that held me back in life. I also realised how intuitive and sensitive I was, what skills I had and who I really was as a person.

I really love to support others in their personal growth and development. I consider it an honour and a priviledge to be there for others and hold the space for them. I can help you make your start into letting go whether it be physical clutter, emotional development or spiritual support.