Susie from St Leonards

The support offered by the Clutter Club is great. We are not alone in the struggle to get on with the job of clearing!

So that hearing about others efforts and successes is very encouraging. Practical help and assistance is extremely valuable to us all.

Learning about planning and execution makes it possible to view our situations differently. Making new “friends” is very useful too.

Philippa from St Leonards

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I telephoned and first attended the Clutter Club but I wanted to find out about it as I have gathered a lot of clutter over the years and hoped it might help me.

I found Karen, the group leader, very welcoming and encouraging and found the other members kind and friendly, making me feel no so alone in my plight.

I have enjoyed the fortnightly meetings being very interesting and helpful! Giving me an incentive to declutter and the Mayor’s visit was extremely enjoyable.

Mavra from St Leonards

I approached the Clutter Club nervously but have rapidly learnt to love and apprechiate it and enjoy meeting it’s members. It ahs become a welcoming group of friends who meet in a warm and cheery setting.

Having moved to Sussex in my 70s, I had felt very cut off from old acquantances and the club seems to be making me warm and valued contacts and new friends.

So I look forward to the gatherings fortnightly and they are fun and unstressful and are proving very helpful. As I’ve lived my life through books and art works, my little house was hopelessly crowded and disordered by them all but now at last I have gained, the courage and impetus to try and sort and rationalise them and dispose of them usefully and find much more needed calm and serenity.

Danny from Hastings

Karen was excellent at guiding the clearing up and sorting out of a lot of my stuff.

Her knowledge and experience enabled me to work on my own, and with her to clear clutter, reorganise and rethink how I use a room.

Her insights into gadgets to help store items, hang things and implement systems was fantastic.

I can only highly recommend “Let Stuff Go” if you need help clearing, sorting and organising.

Brenda from Ladies Friendship Club, Little Common

I’m so sorry that I hadn’t contacted you before, but thank you so much for coming to the Ladies Friendship Club on February 6th.

If that was your first time for doing this, I think you did very well, and your audience was very receptive.

It was gently challenging, and we discussed it for a while after you went, so you may well be hearing from some of our members.

I wish you good luck in your venture.

Best Wishes from us all.

Rose from Hastings

I just went along to Karen’s Clutter Club programme Sept 11-Oct 23. 2018, to give her support as a Friend.
I had no idea of the impact of just being there was to have on me!

The programme was structured, which I found challenging..as I Am A Free Spirit…BUT…I found myself eagerly taking part even though I had BIG issues about De-Cluttering.
I like to call myself a Collector but the simple Truth is…I AM A HOARDER!!!
My home looked like a Charity shop with all the Clothes, DVD’s, CD’s, Books, Bric-a-Brac..and Furniture.

We had a deadline to meet, where we were going sell some of our items for Charity.
Panic set in..Panic Attacks, Hyperventilation etc….BUT I DID IT..Amazed myself at getting through THAT Ordeal, being able to Let Stuff Go, and Enjoyed making money for Charity.

After that I found it easier to think about De-Cluttering and found the stress levels greatly reduced. My home now has more space ( in some areas) I am still working on De-Cluttering it, bit by bit, one step at a time, Panic free.

This programme for me…was a HUGE SUCCESS.



Hayley from Hastings

Karen helped me with her services when I was stuck in a rut and needed guidance.
Karen came over on two occasions and on the first helped me to sort out my living room which included a lot of paperwork. On writing this testimonial it has helped me. From what I need to complete some paperwork. We had some great conversations on how to change my mindset to get things moving and take regular breaks so that it wasn’t us daunting.
The second meeting Karen helped me organise my kitchen to a standard where it flowed as I had hit a wall with it. I would recommend Karen to help you out as she is non judgemental and very patient.
Thanks again Karen, from Hayley.

Nadine from St Leonards

Have done 3 weeks now at Karen’s Clutter club preparing for a boot sale this weekend. Have been made to feel very welcome and listened to. Fabulous group of people to share this with. Looking forward to what we get up to next week as it’s the last one of this block.

Beverley from Hastings

I can wholeheartedly recommend Karen with major building work in the pipeline and having to clear my house ready for builders to start, I felt absolutely overwhelmed of where to start. Karen came in with a structure to help me clear, organise & declutter the home, for 3 days she helped me work flat out in a set time frame of totalling 7 hours. I couldn’t believe how much we achieved and all the goals that she helped me set out at the beginning of the declutter assessment we actually completed them all. My home was ready in tme and I have some structure in the building chaos that I would never had done if Karen and her expertise hadn’t come to light.