De-cluttering help and advice

Free initial 30 minute consultation visit.

£40 per hour (minimum 2 hours)*


Emotional Freedom Technique

£40 per hour + £20 30-minute initial intake assessment*



£40 per hour (private reading)*


Spiritual healing

(Price On Application)


Clutter Club

£5 per meeting


* Monday – Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)  9am-5pm.

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for engaging Karen Crowhurst trading as Let Stuff Go to assist you with Professional Decluttering and Organising Services.

Please take a moment to review the Terms and Conditions here as they form a framework for our time and work together. Your consent is considered given once our work together has commenced.

Privacy and confidentiality

Let Stuff Go provides professional and confidential services delivered with compassion and understanding. All sessions
are confidential, non-judgemental and are carried out with care and attention. Permission will be sought in the recording
and use of any before and after photographs (if taken) for future marketing purposes. Any photos used won’t identify the
individual customer themselves.


Let Stuff Go provides professional advice and encouragement in the areas of decluttering and organising processes only
and cannot accept responsibility for the actions or decisions of the client at any time. Let Stuff Go are not valuers of art or
antiquities and would encourage customers to engage with professional valuers themselves for any items the customer
deems valuable or potentially valuable. Let Stuff Go will handle all items with care and attention at all times but are not liable for losses or damages howsoever caused in the engagement of their work unless due to my fault or negligence.

Removal of items

Let Stuff Go agrees to remove smaller items that are reasonably practicable to take for a charity donation. Let Stuff Go is
unable to take large or bulky items for disposal.

Customer Commitment

Let Stuff Go requests and expects the customer’s full attention and commitment to the process of decluttering by being
ready and prepared to start work. The customer will be responsible for all decisions they make in the process and no items will be discarded without the customer’s express permission. The customer will inform Let Stuff Go of any Health and Safety
considerations that may affect the success and scope of the work. Customers are advised to check and confirm that their insurance policies are up to date and valid. Any inappropriate and anti-social behaviour by the client at any time will result in all work being terminated forthwith and no work will be possible in the future.


Let Stuff Go has 4 standard charges:

  1. Standard Immediate Payment Rate @£40 per hour during the hours of Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (excluding Bank
    Holidays). Standard Immediate Payment Rate means payment is to be made in full at the end of the work session.
  2. Delayed/Invoice Payment Rate @£50 per hour. Delayed Payment Rate means where payment or work session(s) are
    delayed due to invoicing. Invoices are valid for 30 days and must be paid by 30 days from date of invoice.
  3. Out of Hours Payment Rate @£50 per hour for outside regular working hours of Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm including
    weekends and bank holidays. Out of Hours Payment Rate means payment is to be made in full at the end of the work session.
  4. Mileage Rate @£0.50 Per Mile. Mileage Rate means all mileage to and from the customer’s premises from my home base
    in Hastings will be charged for and is to be made in full at the end of the working session.

Let Stuff Go has a minimum of a 2 hour working session, therefore a minimum payment of £80.00 plus the appropriate
mileage charge will be applied.

A receipt will be provided at the end of the working session.

Let Stuff Go accepts Cash, Bank Transfers and Card Payments.

A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required by telephone for cancelling or rescheduling of agreed appointments.
Notice given at less than 24 hours’ notice or not made by telephone may result in a payment of the whole booked session
being charged.
Bank details are as follows:

HSBC Business Account
Account Number 32378981
Sort Code 40-23-18
In the name of Mrs KS Crowhurst

October 2023